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Buddha heads

We are proud to have the largest collection of rare and antique Buddha heads, Buddha statues and Buddhist art in the world. The Buddha heads or Buddha head statues in our gallery are rare pieces of history and culture surviving over many centuries in various Buddhist temples and monasteries. These representative head of the Buddha we sell are mostly original and antique Buddha heads imported to our gallery directly from Burma and other Asian countries.

Meaning of the Buddha heads

Buddha is depicted in many forms of iconography. There are many depictions where only the head of the Buddha is created as it is one of the most important parts of the body. The Buddha heads represent the knowledge of Buddha along with the serene nature of the expression that comes with it. Oversized with a large cranial lump on the head, known as the Ushnisha, it represents the wisdom and knowledge the Buddha gain after attaining the enlightenment. Similarly the urna, a round tuft of hair between the eyebrows signify the supernatural vision the Buddha has. Short and curled hair of the Buddha in the Buddha head indicates the nobility of Buddha.

Buddha heads are not only famous for their spiritual as well as religious importance, but they also act as great pieces of decoration for you and your loved ones’ surroundings. They not only beautify the surrounding, but also spread the influence of peace and harmony around you. If you are looking for a great decorative piece, the Buddha head statues in our gallery may be the perfect piece for you and also a great gift for your loved ones who are followers of Buddhism.

Collection of Buddha heads

As we have the largest collection of Buddha heads, we have Buddha head statues from various Asian countries. The main attractions in our gallery are the Thai Buddha heads and Chinese Buddha heads. Besides them, we also have Buddha heads from other Asian countries like Burma, Nepal, Laos and Cambodia to sell. We travel every six months every year to these countries of Buddhist enthusiast and Buddhist art collectors to research and collect the most special, rare, authentic and antique Buddha heads. These frequent visits to these countries have helped us develop a very good relationship and a huge network of Buddhist art collectors and dealers in the region. These special reasons have made it possible for us to buy our Buddha heads from Buddhists monasteries and temples as well as private collectors who are willing to part from their Buddhist art. As the Buddhists in Asia prefer to have a complete Buddha statue instead of only a Buddha head, it is one strong reason for the people in the reason to sell their Buddha head statues if they possess one

Lastly, we would want our valued customers to know that we have no policy of dealing with stolen Buddhist artifacts as we discourage the theft and illegal dealings of these historical pieces. Hence, you can be assured that the Buddha heads we sell to you are completely legal and authentic.

Through our website, we sell our Buddha heads to collectors and galleries worldwide. We can arrange careful packing and all necessary documents for shipping.

Besides Buddha heads, we also sell:

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